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How It Works

It's simple: When you sign up as a member, you will nominate one non-profit or charitable organization in Powell River & District. Your charity or non-profit does not have to be registered to be nominated. However, before voting takes place, all selected nominees will need to present to the members on what they do for our community, how long they have been in existence, and what they plan to do with the funds if they are the winning organization. (Search for registered charities here:


Before our first meeting, 3 nominated organizations will be randomly selected and invited to the event. They will have 5 minutes to present to our group of 100+ women, who will then vote on which organization they would like to receive the collaborative donation. We will then tally the votes, and present to the winning group! 

How We Got Started

Our founding members heard about the "100 Who Care Alliance", where individuals form donation groups in order to make a bigger impact. Karen Dunigan held the first meeting in 2006 in Jackson, Michigan. The group raised $12,800 in less than one hour for Center for Family Health’s need to supply cribs for new mothers.

Currently there are more than 400 actively operating chapters located throughout the world with several more under development. The Alliance was formed as an organized way for chapter leaders to be in community with one another and to share ideas and best practices with one another, as we all address similar issues and challenges within our groups. 

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